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Over the years the industry has changed considerably.  Digital technology has allowed photography to be more accessible and we have seen more women enter our wonderful and creative world.

Here at RISE we are passionate about creating a community where our female members can learn, develop and grow their businesses, giving women more of a voice within our industry.

The founder of RISE is Karen Massey a professional photographer, who wants to put something back into the industry she loves so much.



I am sure you may wonder, why RISE?

There is no short answer to this, but let me tell you something about me, and what makes me tick.

Back in 1987, at the age of 16, I left school knowing exactly what I wanted to do. Off I went to my local college in Lancashire, to study Beauty, which I went on to graduate in, with distinction.  

From college I started a career in Beauty which was to span 19 years and take me from being employed, to teaching my craft and the business side of it and finally through to owning my own award winning Salon with 10 staff, In my now, home town of Royal Leamington Spa. A town I still call home  after settling  and marrying my Husband in 1996, with our two girls, Isobel and Amelia. 

I have always strived to be the best in everything I have done. I looked to achieve awards and acknowledgement. I have always had an active mind, particularly in business. 

When social media came along, it fascinated me, I loved the way it bought people together. 

Back in 2011, I co-founded Warwick Tweetup, with a friend. Between us we used twitter to bring a town together, we used the platform to engage business owners, showing them how, if they worked together their businesses could thrive, and it did, the whole town came alive. 

This is where a fascination ignited and I looked at ways to use all the social media platforms.   

In 2014, I founded the Leamington Business Awards, a not for profit awards that celebrated my home town and its businesses, raising £1000’s of pounds each year for local charities, which continues to this day with its new guardians. 

I haven’t yet mentioned Photography! 

It’s the old cliche, I had my girls and along came a camera, and with it came a passion that I had never experienced before. This was back in 2004. I was, and still am obsessed, much to my girls annoyance. 

Then it happened, everything else went out the window, I sold my business and embarked on my new found photography career. 

Working on my own, I wanted to be a part of a community. I explored all avenues, one of which found me being asked to become a Director of The Master Photographers Association. 

After two years in this role, I felt the MPA wasn’t for me, there was something missing for me,  a community of like minded people.

So here I am, and so is RISE.


We welcome you all to this innovative organisation, where we look forward to seeing you reach your personal goals with the support we aim to offer you through respect, inspiration, support and education.

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