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An Interview with Award Winning Photographer Scott Johnson

Welcome Scott, I am delighted to feature your story here at RISE. I’ve enjoyed watching your journey over the past few years and excited to share with our readers, so let’s get started… RISE: I see your journey into photography started at the age of 22,... read more

An Interview with Debbie Bedford from Loxley Colour

Welcome to RISE Debbie, it is an absolute delight to feature you and Loxley in the RISE community and I am delighted you are one of our esteemed ‘Trade Supporters’I would love to find out more about you and your position at Loxley Colour, so let me start by... read more

Boudoir Photography with Johanna Elizabeth

It is an absolute pleasure to talk to Photographer, Trainer and RISE Member Johanna Elizabeth. I have always admired Jo’s work and the confidence she instills in all the women who enter her stunning studio in Havant, Hampshire. So I jumped at the opportunity, to... read more

CRM Software for Photographers with Chris Garbacz founder of Studio Ninja

Welcome Chris, I am delighted to be able to talk to you and share your experiences that all photographers have, one of those being time to do EVERYTHING and how you changed the face of ‘Software Management’ Let me start by asking RISE: Can you share with... read more

Selfies from Above with Dana Walton

Welcome to RISE Dana, it is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to our Community. I first came across your beautiful images and feed through Instagram and love your refreshing approach to photography. RISE: Firstly, tell us a little about yourself, where you are... read more

PR & Marketing with Zoe Hiljemark

It was wonderful to catch up with Zoe Hiljemark one of our esteemed RISE Ambassadors, who helps photographers to attract more of their dream clients through impactful publicity and compelling marketing content. There is often confusion with PR and Marketing so I... read more

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