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An Interview with Corporal Rebecca Brown

Welcome to RISE Rebecca, you first caught my eye on Instagram with your stunning work, so much so, I feel it should be shared. RISE: You are no ordinary photographer. Your photography is your life as a Documentary Photographer in the Army. What interested you firstly... read more

An Interview with Natasha Ince

I am delighted to introduce Natasha Ince, an incredible photographer based in the West Midlands, who’s work I am sure you will have seen, with her distinctive style and complete love of Maternity. Natasha has not surprisingly won many awards and is passionate... read more

An Interview with Gillian Devine

This month I am delighted to introduce Gillian Devine to the team of Ambassadors. Gillian is a Business and Mindset Mentor, who specialises in ‘Brand Photography’ I caught up with Gillian to ask her why she is so passionate about helping others. RISE: You... read more

An Interview with Ronan Ryle – 3XM

As a ‘Trade Supporter’ of RISE, I was very interested and excited to catch up with Ronan Ryle and find out exactly why, he and his company are so passionate about helping photographers achieve their goals… RISE: As founder and CEO of 3XM based in... read more

An Interview with Rachel Stewart-Illingworth

Welcome to RISE, Rachel, it is an absolute pleasure to introduce you to our Community. Being an International Award Winning Photography, I thought it would be great to ask you a few questions, to allow us all to get to know you a little... read more

An interview with Emma Wilson

This month sees us going into the world of Filmmaking with our  wonderful Ambassador Emma Wilson. Emma, who’s background is in Journalism has seen a career extend to Children’s television, a reporter on CBBC, BBC Breakfast News and reading the news for... read more

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