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Kym is a hugely successful photographer in the world of science photography and has been shortlisted as this year’s Royal Photographic Society, Science Photographer of the year 2019! Kym has always had a vested interest in science, we were given the wonderful... read more

Stella Scordellis is one incredible woman! When faced with adversity, she opened a studio! Here is her story…

Stella Scordellis is one incredible woman!  She had the drive and vision to make her photography business a huge success and at a time of adversity, providing her family with stability and security.   Now after 23 years, Stella closes the door on her... read more

From the art of printing to selling. Printing experts, Digitalab provide Septembers download to help us achieve more sales…

In August we promised you a link through to download Jill Roe’s excellent interview recorded for you, discussing the importance of print and why as photographers we MUST offer print services to our clients. Last week in our Facebook community we posted a link to a BBC... read more

Find Out Why Sarah Toon is a Rarity!

Sarah Toon is a rarity!  She has focused her photography career around her love for buildings, construction and architecture.  Her work has been awarded and published across both industries, and in June this year Sarah achieved her associate with The Society... read more

From the fast paced world of fashion photography, we hear how Roger Brown made it as a wedding photographer.

As I sit here on the morning of yet another birthday, in the quiet of the house before my three boys wake up and shatter the peace and tranquillity, I reflect on the amazing career that I have had so far in the world of photography. It feels like yesterday that I was... read more

Meet Helen Leathers…

‘Is it time to ditch Superwoman!’ As women and image makers, we can find that life becomes a little hectic at times.  As mothers, wives, partners and carers who are running our own businesses, sometimes we can become overwhelmed.  We begin to question our... read more

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