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Tasks to Keep your Business Healthy

Good business health is essential We look after ourselves and this is exactly what we should be doing within our business.  This check list will give you food for thought and maybe highlight areas you have let go of a little. Track your progress What are your... read more

How to use Hashtags

So you are on Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin and everyone uses Hashtags, but how do you know which ones to use, how many to use and at the end of the day, do they even work? Well, if you are marketing your business, you can’t ignore them. You will need to know... read more

How will you Market your Photography Business this Christmas?

PREPARE! there is nothing worse than getting to December and finding out you could have done better, had you been more organised. December really is too late, your potential clients will have already prepared for who they are buying gifts for and decided how much they... read more

What is YOUR Brand?

So you have a logo and you are ready to go right? No……Let’s talk branding…. A logo is just the start of your photography brand journey. Your logo is the face of your brand but let’s go much deeper into your brand and what it means to you as a photographer.... read more

The importance of print

An enlightening introduction to Jill and her incredibly successful award winning business Digitalab

read more

“It’s Good to Talk”

In the 1960’s,  BT ran a TV campaign with a strap line “Its good to talk” Believe it or not this campaign ran for a number of decades and included well known celebrities of the time. The likes of Maureen Lipman, Bob Hoskins and for those of you old enough to... read more

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