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How to use Hashtags

So you are on Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin and everyone uses Hashtags, but how do you know which ones to use, how many to use and at the end of the day, do they even work? Well, if you are marketing your business, you can’t ignore them. You will need to know... read more

Rest Insured

Let me set the scene……Its a Saturday afternoon in my home town of Leamington Spa, weather is great…. I am photographing  an intimate ceremony for a small gathering, of about 40 people celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary, where the lovely... read more


International Dog Day I am always full of admiration for photographers generally, no matter how they display their craft, but today I want to focus on one genre in particular. Today is “International Dog Day” so just like all of us photographers, I don’t need to much... read more

World Photography Day

Why do we celebrate ‘World Photography Day’?World Photography Day is a celebration around the world of images, art and the history of photography. The 19th August celebrates when the French government purchased the patent for the daguerreotype and... read more

5 Reasons Why You Should Blog

It is very easy to get wrapped up in photographing and neglect your business. It is also easy to become stale, shooting in the same way. A blog can help you grow as a photographer because it will allow you to challenge yourself to produce something different to... read more

What’s coming up, what’s on.

What’s coming up in September! Next month, we launch our monthly image competition!  We are so excited about celebrating your work here at RISE. To kick off our monthly competition we want to offer two free image entries giving you a saving of... read more
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