“It’s Good to Talk”

August 27, 2019

In the 1960’s,  BT ran a TV campaign with a strap line “Its good to talk”

Believe it or not this campaign ran for a number of decades and included well known celebrities of the time. The likes of Maureen Lipman, Bob Hoskins and for those of you old enough to recall, a character by the name of Buzby, all delivered the same message, “its good to talk”

Now you may ask “where are you going with this?”

Winding forward 50 to 60 years, how can a simple message be so prudent in every day life, particularly in business?

We spend every waking hour on social media, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, to name just a few, we post images, we pass comment, we like, it has made our world so easy to get ourselves out there in business.

But let’s think about this, how often have we sent an email asking for an opportunity to speak? How often have we sent over a business proposal, then sat back and spent days checking our inbox, for a reply, but nothing comes?

Now this is where the strap line comes in, “Its good to talk”.

Personalities have been lost, the true art of connecting with a client isn’t happening, there is an old saying, that is so true, “People buy from People”

So why not try it, next time you send that email, follow it up with a phone call, make that connection, make it personal, if nothing else, you won’t need to spend the next few days checking your inbox, when in reality it may not have even hit your clients in box, but their Junk file instead.


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