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July 31, 2019

‘Is it time to ditch Superwoman!’

As women and image makers, we can find that life becomes a little hectic at times.  As mothers, wives, partners and carers who are running our own businesses, sometimes we can become overwhelmed.  We begin to question our abilities, we feel we can’t reach our goals, or become just tired and distracted, which then has an impact on our confidence, both in business, personally and creatively.

Helen’s vision as a woman’s life coach is to show how we can live completely, and be ourselves.  To get in the ‘right place’ emotionally, energetically, and financially so that we can feel fulfilled, know our purpose and be in the flow.

With an incredible background in spirituality, Helen’s family has always had a deep understanding of the world around us and have the ability to see another dimension to our world.  Since being a young girl, when her grandfather passed away, she spent a lot of time trying to make sense of why she could still sense him, despite knowing he wasn’t there.  As she grew to become a teenager and young woman, Helen embraced esoteric spirituality, reading and studying philosophy and learnt how to build boundaries to support and strengthen her psychological abilities. 

Embracing her talents, Helen has become a successful life coach for women, using spiritual concepts and philosophy, to teach women to know their intuitive self.

Q.  Here at RISE your video really resonated with us, so much so that it sparked our interest in learning more about how spirituality can benefit and improve ourselves.  Being such a broad subject, how can spirituality benefit RISE members?

You are right, spirituality is a massive term, it can be built around religion or it can involve religion, but without the religious construct.  Spirituality involves meditation, auras, chakras, energy and grounding and more!  

In fact just recently, I have started a Facebook group built on the teaching of Spirituality, which like yourselves, is a great place for people to start if they are interested to know more about what spirituality can do for us in terms of confidence and how to flow. 

Visit Helens Facebook Page

RISE: That is amazing Helen!  So interesting.

Absolutely and I can imagine flow is a big thing for photographers.  Watching Karen work last week when she was taking my portrait, to see the transformation when she picked up her camera was so interesting.  I could really see how she flowed and how she saw things differently. Time just flew.

RISE: It is fascinating isn’t it. like Karen, the transformation I have as an image maker is incredible, it makes me feel alive! As soon as I pick up my camera, I feel my energy change. I am sure many reading your words will relate to this. I guess this is what you mean by flow?

”Once you have lost your mojo for writing, painting or your photography, it is hard to admit, because it is your thing”

Yes, and being in Flow gives us purpose.  When you are creative and you fall out of flow, it is sometimes hard to admit that.  Once you have lost your mojo for writing, painting or your photography, it is hard to admit, because it is your thing.  So how do you get back into that?  

It is all about staying on purpose, when your energy is right, when you’re in flow and in touch with your intuitive self, this is when the magic happens.  This is when the right mentor comes along, or that right job, or you get that award and all of these things just fall into place.

RISE: We really want to hone in on this Helen because as image makers this is so important whether we are a photographer or videographer, we are working on our own, which means we can become quite insular.  It is so important to stay on point.

Yes 100% and I have done it and been there too.  I love writing and being in flow with my words means I need to get into the right space.  

One of the biggest challenges as women is that we take on so many different roles and quite often we’re running around doing something, then have to switch back into a creative mode.  If we’re still stuck in that other role, we can’t get into the flow easily.

‘If we’re still stuck in that other role, we can’t get into the flow easily.”

To help this I run time management programmes for women too.  This isn’t the typical time management that we think of, but about bridging that gap between one role to another.

For example; if you are doing the school run and being mummy, then come home and need to be a sales person, how do we bridge that gap?  So I work on creating little rituals for women to follow. It could be as simple as going outside and standing barefoot on the grass with a cup of tea.

As women we flow from one role onto the next, whether that is two, three or four roles throughout a day and that can be very draining on our energy, so it is important to put boundaries in place; for example, making time for yourself, even if that is a 30 minute walk around the park.  It is important that we learn how to transition between them, which I teach in my coaching.

RISE: Which brings us back to your video and PDF on 

Is it time to ditch Superwoman!

With so much going on in our lives, we really need to know the signs of starting to feel overwhelmed. I think the biggest difficulty is to ask for help, for some, asking for help, feels like failure!  

 And this is what is great about the video and download.  RISE members can feel comfortable in their homes, watching the video and reading the PDF.  They can learn about what being overwhelmed looks likes, learn to manage energy, calm their minds and learn to say NO!

RISE: It must be such an emotional and rewarding experiencing coaching women to reach their potential?

SO much so!  Through my coaching programmes, I teach women to become more resilient, emotionally intelligent, giving them a tool kit to deal with day to day activities.  Boundaries are really important for women. As is saying NO!

RISE: You have three coaching sessions, can you tell us a little more about that?

It’s really cool!  Laser coaching is where we deep dive into a session, around two and half hours, where we look into what you want to change and the source of that change. It’s a really good session.  

People love talking, and while they talk, I hone in on areas that have been highlighted.  I’ll pick 1-3 points that have cropped up and give women tools and homework to move towards that change.  I really like this session.

RISE: It sounds really good!  You also have a more in depth programme, which lasts over twelve weeks.

I like to call it a journey of discovery, transformation and empowerment!

This is my signature and most popular programme.  It’s incredible and covers all sorts of things, from energy levels, intuitive work, to coaching.  

We start with the laser coaching and deep dive, which is followed by weekly one hour sessions.  Half way through the program, we have another deep dive, which includes a personality profile, which is a transient profile.  We look at where the person is at this particular time, to where they want to be. It really is a journey of discovery.  

I like to call it a journey of discovery, transformation and empowerment!

RISE: I am so excited about this programme.  Self discovery has always been a big part of my photography career.  It can be a little daunting but how rewarding for you and your clients to go through such a transient change.

It is incredibly rewarding and life changing too – I Love it!  The final course I run is a full immersion day where we cover all twelve sessions in one intense day.

RISE That does sound intense, but then we are all different and each course gives each person something to work with.

Absolutely and I am really looking forward to rolling out my online courses later in the year, but that is hot off the press.

RISE (laughs)  We can’t wait to see what you have coming up Helen.  Personal development whatever shape it takes, whatever the journey we travel, it’s just amazing!  

Thank you for your time!  We have taken so much away from our conversation.  It is an absolute pleasure to have you on board with RISE and we can’t wait for January, when we talk about part II!

We hope you have enjoyed our interview with this incredibly inspiring woman.  To watch Helen’s video and download her PDF, sign up to RISE. Every month we bring you something new and fresh, to help you and your business reach its full potential! 

Fiona x

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