Charlie Flounders Photography

I create bright, engaging storytelling images and film for life loving couples, families and businesses.


Advertising/Lifestyle Photography
Commercial Photography
Event Photography
Family Portraits
Product Photography
Wedding Photography



Hi I’m Charlie,

I’m a visual storyteller.

I tell the stories of lovers, families and creative business folk. I catch peoples’ personalities, freezing them and their moments; the tears, the bear hugs, the love & the laughter (as well as a few double chins, the chaos and occasional cross faces).

I catch the things that make people who they are and moments that are special to them, wrapping them up into gorgeous parcels that will stand the test of time. I specialise in wedding photography, commercial photography and videography, personal brand photography for amazing strong businesses folk (especially women!) and events photography and videography.

My style is bright and colourful, mainly documentary with a sprinkling of guidance where required. Always showing real moments.

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