Rest Insured

August 29, 2019

Let me set the scene……

Its a Saturday afternoon in my home town of Leamington Spa, weather is great….

I am photographing  an intimate ceremony for a small gathering, of about 40 people celebrating a 60th wedding anniversary, where the lovely couple of 60 plus years are renewing their vows in the church where they originally married.

I was mindful that it was going to be busy at the church, as it was in the middle of town, and next to the venue was The Jephson Gardens, which was hosting the yearly event of “ART in the Park.” An event that attracts thousands of visitors each year.

My husband and faithful assistant suggested he drove me to the church , drop me off and wait for me, as I would only be in the church for a short time, before moving on to a nearby restaurant for celebrations and more images of what was a lovely couple and their family and friends.

I made my way into the church, checked in with the son of the couple, who had arranged the occasion, set my gear out, leaving my kit bag at the rear of the church far enough out of the way, but close enough to switch equipment, should the need arise.

My husband had chosen to sit just inside the church entrance, after parking the car close by as he knew I wouldn’t be long.

Wind forward half an hour or so, you all know the drill, ceremony finished, guests begin to make their way outside for final shots before making their way to the restaurant.

Time for a quick change of equipment from my kit bag ready to capture the last few shots.

Now at this point, you are all thinking, where is Karen going with this, we have all done this a thousand times between us.

Well allow me to tell you!

I made my way between the surrounding Pews, close to where I was stood capturing the happy couple and their wonderful guests, ready to collect my kit, right. No,wrong, my kit had disappeared, lens, spare camera, everything, right down to my memory cards and spare batteries.

“At first I thought I was mistaken, or someone had moved my kit”

Well let me spare you too much detail, as what had transpired after viewing the CCTV footage, was that a kind and thoughtful opportunist had made his way in to church amongst the congregation, past my Husband no less, helped himself to my entire camera equipment and left via a side door and into a waiting car.

Now here is the most important piece of information regarding this awful incident, not dwelling on the feelings of complete dismay that I had of loosing the kit that I had spent my photography career collecting. This incident happened on Saturday 3rd August, just over two weeks ago.

The following Thursday 8th August, I flew out with my family to Ibiza for our annual two weeks holiday, where I probably  am now as you are reading this.

By Tuesday 13th August, my insurance company had received my claim, had a full list of missing kit and had agreed to reimburse me in full with all new equipment to replace my stolen items, they had asked when I was due back from holiday and agreed to courier the items to my home address the day after my return.

Now, I know this may appear to be a long winded email, but as I am sure you will agree an interesting read, and more importantly happy ending.

One last snippet, and might I add the most important piece of information, The insurance company which I can only describe as AMAZING, are Towergate Insurance, who, by complete coincidence have recently become a trade partner of RISE PFP, offering a 40% discount to all current and new members. 

As Professional Image Makers, it is imperative we are adequately insured. Not only that, we should all ensure we understand our policy cover and its possible shortfalls. If this incident doesn’t make you think twice about insurance, the take a look at this enlightening article from Towergate on the why and how……

Karen Massey


As if you didn’t have enough reasons already to join our great community already. Towergate In partnership with RISE, are offering members seeking commercial insurance to up to 40% discount on their premiums*.

*40% discount is subject to underwriting criteria and claims experience & minimum premiums applied. You will be sent details on joining on how to activate your discount.

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