World Photography Day

August 19, 2019

Why do we celebrate ‘World Photography Day’?

World Photography Day is a celebration around the world of images, art and the history of photography.

The 19th August celebrates when the French government purchased the patent for the daguerreotype and announced the invention “free to the world”

In 1826, Niepce captured the earliest known permanent photograph known as “View from the Window at Le Gras” using a process called heliography. 

The Ability of a Photograph

A photograph is a tangible object, something in your hand that has captured a moment in time. A photograph can be enjoyed by so many for hundreds of years to come. A photograph has the ability to evoke emotions, whether they be happy or sad. A photograph, captures not only a slice of history never to be forgotten but a record of a moment, feeling, idea. A photograph connects people!

Interesting Photography Facts

1.  The first photo of the Moon was in 1851.

2. The oldest known photograph to have a person (human) in the shot was clicked in Paris in 1838. The man was actually getting his shoes polished! 

3. The moon is home to 12 Hasselblad cameras, that captured the Moon’s surface for the first time, they were left there because of their weight.

4. Despite theories of  why people never smiled on old photographs such as having bad teeth, it is indeed due to the fact that they had to stay still for hours due to such long exposures.

5. The most viewed photograph in history is the Windows XP’s default wallpaper called “Bliss”.

6. Today, the number of photographs clicked every two minutes is the same as the number of photographs clicked by mankind in the 19th century.

What will you do to celebrate ‘World Photography Day‘?

Here are a few suggestions…..

1. Go out and shoot something completely different to what you normally shoot, on a different lens from a different aspect. 

2. Visit a gallery.

3. Share your favourite photography quote and we will share ours. 

4. Go and get out those old photographs and remember those loved ones and rekindle friendships.

5. Start THAT blog. (5 reasons why you should blog).

6. Contact a fellow photographer and organise a creative, styled shoot.  

Today…….go out create memories, capture the moment, create heirlooms and be proud to show your work, remember the gift we have been given, the gift to create memories, capture those loved ones to be remember forever, showing our children, grandchildren for years to come.

What a gift we all have, cherish it and go and celebrate what is YOUR day!


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